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Everything Starts With A Well Thought-out Plan

We offer both design and consultation services depending on your individual needs. Our design/consulting services can also be used to get ideas for "do it yourself" projects where we put a plan together that illustrates the design and all plant/hardscape material needed to do the work. Or we can do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. Either way we will work with you to achieve what you are looking for. All beautiful landscapes start out with a proper and functional design suitable to your needs, desires and the yard itself. Our creative and knowledgeable design team will plan your landscape to be beautiful, functional, low maintenance, and will no doubt add value to your home or business for years to come!

The cost of these services vary from project to project, but generally range from $250.00 - $650.00 and includes initial consult, field measure, plan drawing, job scope/proposal and final consult.

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