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Look no further for a professional lawn care provider. We strive to be a company you can count on for your grounds maintenance needs. We offer a complete line of services to keep your home or business looking great with a nice neat apperance that adds curb appeal and value to your property. We use a proactive approach and keep in contact with our customers so nothing gets overlooked. We understand that every property has special needs and challenges, that is why our crews are well trained and experienced to care for any property. We can customize a program to fit your specific needs and budget for your property.

Spring Cleanups - Get your yard and season started off the right way with our thorough spring cleanup service. Clean ups are scheduled as soon as weather permits. Our services include cleanup of winter debris such as removing built up sand, sticks, leaves and trash. Power thatching of turf, removal of spent perennials and wild grasses from planting beds, and landscape areas. Sweeping and power blowing of all paved areas, including sidewalks, curb lines, patios and driveways. All leaves and debris will be removed from turf and foundation landscape bushes. We will hand rake mulch beds to give them a fresh look.

Weekly mowing- Our commercial quality equipment will make your property look great! Turf will be cut every week during the accepted normal growth period for our area, typically May through September. All other growing months are subject to biweekly mowing, but shall not exceed 14 days without cutting. Lawns that are not watered by sprinkler systems may have exceptions during dry times. We "stripe" our lawns for a professional unique look, changing directions every couple weeks to avoid tire marks. All turf areas will be mowed at a min. height of 3 ½ inches with special care to be taken on bumpy/hilly sections to avoid scalping. Excessive grass clippings will be removed from turf areas via power blowing or hand rake to maintain a neat appearance. The property will be reviewed each visit to ensure that debris such as bottles, papers, cartons and similar items are disposed of from the turf and planting areas. Excessive amounts of debris such as storm damage, vacant dumped trash or windblown trash from tipped over garbage cans may have separate charges. Lawns will be trimmed along borders, flower beds/planters, fence lines, sidewalks, curb lines, driveways and any other areas  using line trimmers. Clippings will be blown or removed from the rock beds, planting beds, walks, street and driveways to ensure a neat appearance. Shrubs will normally be pruned 1-2 times per season with standards of good practice to fit their location and needs of the specific species. Trees up to 6' will be trimmed as necessary to keep good form and not impede with sidewalks or vehicles.          
Fertilizer and weed control programs- Let us customize a program that is right for you. We apply both liquid and granular form for both weeds and fertilizer. Bedding weeds will be removed via environmentally safe chemical or hand pulled to control broad leaf weeds. Turf weeds are typically controlled by a spring application of pre-emergent crab grass and up to (3) herbicide treatments throughout the summer. Turf fertilizing is done by applying up to (4) applications of our quality fertilizer to achieve a lush, green lawn.

Fall cleanups - Just as important as the spring cleanup, also get your yard ready for the winter by the professionals.Cleanups are started after the last mowing of the season, typically early to mid October. Our services include removal of all leaves, twigs and debris from turf and landscape beds, we then remove from site. We can cut down all perrenial and wild grasses. This is a good time to do core aeration for your turf. Some trees and bushes need to be protected from the winter sun to prevent winter burn.

Irrigation/sprinkler system maintenance care
- Let us start up your system in the spring. We will run through your entire system, check for leaks and proper adjustment of all heads. Clock schedules will be established and monitored according to seasonal needs. We will review periodically for proper adjustment of system throughout the season and adjust as weather and conditions dictate. In the fall (usually second week in October) we will shut down and flush system of water.

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