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Beautify Your Yard

What better way to add beauty to your property than through perennial gardens, planting beds or foundation plantings. You can add depth to your yard and color throughout the seasons with an almost unlimited variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Not only will a properly designed softscape add value through curb appeal but it can reduce energy costs as well through sustainable landscaping. There are many avenues to achieve this, such as planting, rain gardens and rain water harvest systems. 

 Trees used as windbreaks can reduce energy zapping wind around your home up to 75% They also help with shading a residence or commercial building in summer by creating cool air through evapo-transpiration and can cool hardscape areas, such as driveways and sidewalks, by a couple degrees. Plants release water vapor in the air through transpiration and water has the ability to reduce temperature extremes in the areas near it. A home or building surrounded by trees and foundation plantings can reduce summer temperatures and increase winter temps around the home, thus reducing your energy costs to cool or heat your structure.

By properly installing foundation plantings and trees around your property, studies have shown you can reduce your energy costs up to 30%

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