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All materials are guaranteed as specified and the work is to be completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner according to standard practices.
Plantings/Sod - All plant materials installed by us are guaranteed to survive for one (1) year from planting. Any that fail to survive shall be replaced providing that plants have been properly watered and have not been damaged by an act of God or suffered mechanical damage. Sod that is watered by an irrigation system is guaranteed to survive for one (1) year from installation providing that it has been cared for properly. Sod with no irrigation system is guaranteed for one (1) month from installation.

Hardscapes - All construction and installation is warranted to be free from defects resulting from poor workmanship for a period of six (6) years from date of completion. Defects and quality of materials fall back on manufacturer warranties and actual replacement will not cover labor or installation costs.

Lawncare Service - We stand behind our services. We will warranty our workmanship if any negligence or wrong doing is found in the way we are caring for your property. We will make it right.

*** Warranty will be honored if original payment terms have been met and when schedules permit.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are a fully insured company. We carry all workers' compensation, liability and auto policies that are required by the state.

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